Airline Brand Rethinks Approach To Brand Health Tracking

The VP of Marketing of a leading international airline brand challenged an insights leader on the spend on their brand tracking program, as well as the value of the program in terms of informing their decision-making process and improving marketing effectiveness.


Hotspex was able to win this ongoing brand health business because of the following differentiators:

Hotspex goes beyond just measuring traditional fundamentals that are lagging indicators of brand health such as purchase funnel metrics (i.e. awareness, familiarity, consideration, usage, recommendation) by also measuring important foundational elements that are leading indicators of brand health (i.e. positive and negative mental structures and associations).

Most brand trackers focus on a handful of functional attributes that the marketing team has decided on, but Hotspex leverages its Emotional Measurement Platform, proprietary IP that is globally validated with over 1,000,000 interviews and is found to predict actual consumer behavior.

Hotspex integrates brand tracking with advertising and activation tracking to better understand the true Brand Health and increase the ability to attribute changes to their root cause.

Hotspex’s platform allows for rapid ad hoc pre-tests of almost any concept or idea to get an indication of potential impact on the brand. This allows you to utilize your brand health tracker as both a strategic monitoring tool and a tactical planning tool.


Having launched the brand health measurement system ahead of an upcoming new communication campaign the company was heavily investing against, it became clear that the funnel was healthy from an awareness and familiarity vantage point, but was struggling with some of the leading emotional association indicators.

The Hotspex Emotional Measurement Platform identified that while the brand had positive associations of being familiar, trustworthy, and practical, it was also developing significant negative associations of being boring, inflexible, and out-of-date.

This information informed the creative agency and the Hotspex Emotional Platform helped guide the agency on which creative elements to use and how to optimize different iterations of the new creative along several steps of the creative journey to ultimate guide the brand back to delivering their distinctive brand promise in a coherent manner.


An easy to follow playbook was developed to help communications and design agencies identify new distinct memory structures to build and reinforce in its upcoming campaign to help overcome some of the negative associations around apathy.

A brand building workshop that was run to inform the creative process was so well received by the agency that they invited Hotspex to run similar workshops for their clients in other industries.

The campaign helped moved the dial on the leading indicators by increasing positive associations of the brand while mitigating some of the negative associations. Also, after 3 months consideration increased by 8% and 6 months later saw an increase of usage by 4%.

Behind The Scenes

The Hotspex team wanted to ensure that the insights leader made a favourable impact on his VP of Marketing and offered a complimentary brand building workshop where the Senior Director of Insights invited several key cross functional team members and their partner agencies. The VP of Marketing was so engaged with the new tracking approach that she joined for the entire 3 hours session and even stayed later to continue the discussion alone with her insights lead and the Hotspex Team.

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