Global Bank Builds More Efficiently Using Award-Winning Cognitive Media Targeting Tool From Hotspex To Align Ads With Content

The Senior Director of Insights and the Marketing Director from a top 10 global bank were looking to have a significant impact on their brand tracking with a smaller share of media voice than competing banks.

The objective was clear – use innovative new advertising technologies to build brand more efficiently through digital advertising.


Hotspex collaborated with Google to deploy the award-winning Cognitive Media Targeting technology.

The targeting technology aligns ads with content using Hotspex’s emotional measurement. When people are in an elated mood as a result of content they are watching, ads that’s have the same emotion of “elation” work better.

Extensive piloting of the new Cognitive Media targeting technology brought together 10 global brands, Google, and Hotspex to prove that when content and ads are aligned the ads work harder to build brands.

This pilot demonstrated that cognitive media targeting leads to lower skip rates, higher brand recall and increased purchase intent.

The following demo demonstrates how aligning ads and content can improve advertising.

For the bank, Hotspex ran the 6 second bumper ads through the Cognitive Matching Tool and then created a targeted media buy to ensure the ads were aligned to the content they would run before. The Hotspex Cognitive Targeting was then then run against non-matched Targeting in an A/B test to look for a measurable impact.


The campaign worked exceptionally well with the following results:

~ 129% lift in ad recall for the client brand
~Reached 5M people at a 4x frequency. 2.8M reached from the bumper campaign alone.
~ 129% lift in awareness for the client brand
~ Bumper campaigns were extremely impactful among the target millennial audience, driving relative lift in awareness of over +140%, compared to average of 120%.
~ Hotspex contextual targeting was extremely effective, driving a 10% increase in awareness over standard Google targeting. The campaign was noted best in class compared to Canadian benchmarks.


The outcome was award worthy and has since won the client and Hotspex the “Best in Class YouTube Solution” at a prominent global marketing awards show.

This initiative brought much attention to the insights leader and marketing teams as news was spread through the organization of this innovative use of media to get marketing dollars work harder.

Behind The Scenes

Hotspex and Google collaborated extensively to ensure brand ROI was maximized.

We have now worked with over 20 global brands to deploy Hotspex Cognitive Media Targeting with Google.

Google helped Hotspex create the underlying technology and all YouTube inventory is now mapped so that Hotspex can provide targeting packages for any media including 6 second video, 15-30 second video, and banner ads.

This solution is global and works in all languages.

This technology was developed following Hotspex’s “top to top” series, where we interviewed 15 current and past CMOs to better understand how an insights firm could have the most impact on brand building. The resounding answer was “Help my media work harder”.

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