Marketing Science Reinvigorates A Not-For-Profit Brand And Raises $1.3B In Donations For A New Hospital

A not-for-profit brand had relied heavily on a strategy of eliciting emotions of sympathy, but donations were on decline. The CEO wanted to renovate the brand and launch a new ad campaign in the fall. The CEO and CMO engaged Hotspex to uncover the brand’s “Right Space”, a new positioning that the organization could use to rally their employees and the public around and grow donations.


Hotspex then deployed its globally validated IP, the Hotspex Emotional Measurement Platform, to uncover key drivers of donation intent and evaluated how the not-for-profit brand did against other charities on key rational, and emotional metrics. Using predictive modelling, the Hotspex team evaluated 3 different positioning territories that the Hotspex Emotional Measurement Platform had uncovered to estimate potential donation lifts.


Hotspex helped the CEO and CMO align all 12 stakeholders on the final positioning using its unique brand building workshop facilitation approach. A blueprint was created to align marketers and agency partners to the new positioning and ensure that the new brand was consistently and coherently communicated across all touch points to build distinctiveness.


The fall launch of the new communications campaign was on-time and on-budget and reinvigorated the brand to raise $1.3B for a new hospital to be built.

Behind The Scenes

Initial conversations with the CMO revealed that there were some very different opinions on how to help the brand reposition itself. An integral part of this process was to have Hotspex conduct quick yet effective 30-minute interviews with 12 stakeholders to uncover hypotheses and decision biases prior to developing the quantitative study.

This helped each of the stakeholders feel ownership of the brand repositioning, which lead to an efficient facilitation at the workshop since each of the participants knew their opinions had been heard and considered.

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