Bringing a New Brand Direction to Life Across Omni Channel Communications

A global food and beverages client evolved its brand pyramid to build new associations that would make it more distinctive and needed to bring this to life.

The Director of Insights was testing two new design themes to understand how to best bring the new desired associations to life online and on shelf, through its packaging, as well as other point of sale materials.


We conducted an online study among category users to evaluate two new design themes against the current theme and measure their perceptions consciously and non-consciously.

We leveraged our behavioral learning virtual store tool to mock up the different design themes as they would appear in market. A demo of our behavioral learning virtual store tool is available here.

We also dissected individual design elements from each of the design themes to provide more detailed guidance on how to bring the new brand direction to life. A video of how we measure design elements and distinctive brand assets can be found here.


The Marketing Team now had a deep assessment rationally and emotionally, consciously and non-consciously of their brand and the entire competitive landscape, as well as an understanding of the true drivers of purchase and usage.

~ A winning design theme that demonstrated a superior ability to grab consumer attention and drive purchasing behavior.
~ New learning with respect to the right balance between brand block consistency and sub-brand distinctiveness to draw consumer to the brand block, while also optimizing navigation of the shelf.
~ Guidelines on how the new design elements should be leveraged across touchpoints in order to reinforce the right brand associations – the associations that will evolve the brand but help to keep the brand relevant among its consumers.


The research gave the team the confidence to move forward with the new brand platform and brand visual identity.

Our implicit measurement uncovered the importance of demonstrating the consumer end-benefit– the design elements which showed consumers directly consuming the product triggered the right automatic associations. This learning led to directive recommendations on how to evolve other communications across omni channel touch points.

Behind The Scenes

Our behavioral science team worked with both the insights and marketing team to apply the selected design theme against several other touch points and provided guidance on how to optimize these design elements across various touch points.

The final recommendations included guidance on how to develop a winning sell-in story for the brand’s retail customers.

The insights from this work were showcased to the senior marketing team and were so well received that we were asked to deliver this presentation to the CEO. We are currently closely monitoring the short-term sales, while also measuring the desired equity associations.

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