4 Innovative Ways Agility & Behavioral Science Can Drive Consumer Insights

Voted the most innovative market research firm by clients in North America 3 years in a row, here is how Hotspex plans to drive agility and innovation beyond 2021.

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1. Increase ROI from Foundational Research & Brand Tracking Using Brand Operating Systems

A big opportunity in the insights industry is to find ways to implement foundational research such as segmentations, U&As, and brand strategy work, not to mention the millions of dollars that goes into brand tracking that never gets realized into actionable insights.

Hotspex is helping several of its clients build “Brand Operating Systems”.

A Brand Operating System aligning creative, design, and innovation agencies and their outputs by integrating the measurement of conscious beliefs with non-conscious associations and emotions across every single brand touchpoint.

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2. Always On Ecosystem – Influencing Retailers By Understanding Digital Path to Purchase and its Relationship with In-Person Shopping

To observe shoppers’ responses to assortment changes, innovation launches, or packaging renovations, one must have a realistic environment to test them.

We have partnered with our top clients to create “Always On Ecosystems”: virtual environments for every single retailer (brick-and-mortar as well as online) that they are trying to influence.

It creates a “sandbox” for organizations to experiment with a variety of variables or hypotheses in real-time without having to go into a single store.

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3. Doing More with Less – Agile Psychometrics

The definition of agility can vary based on the use case; it doesn’t always need to mean doing something inexpensively or too quickly.

Agility also requires being more proactive, more strategic, and more upstream in your organization’s learning journey.

We have been helping our clients leverage our Psychometrics Suite of tools that rapidly reveal conscious beliefs, non-conscious associations, and emotions earlier in the workstream.

The results inform pack design and brand communication to save investment in full-scale testing for only the most promising ideas.

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4. Concept/Ad/Pack Testing + AI Leads to Better Media Targeting

The biggest opportunity for our industry is to drive more action and impact through research. As such, we acquired a media company to help transform insights into activation.

This made us the first insights firm that can translate concept, ad, or pack testing into a digital media targeting package.

We have been able to assemble a range of emotional data segments that allow advertisers to better align brand strategy & creative messaging with contextually consistent placements. All our segments are free of cookies and are therefore GDPR, CPPA and PII compliant.

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Jonathan La Greca

SVP Growth