From Clients to Family: Creating Bonds Beyond Business

We have a cherished tradition of volunteering to share what we are grateful for during our Hotspex Weekly All-hands Kick Off. This practice serves as a powerful way to prime our team to bring our best selves to the week ahead. Today, we heard an extraordinary story that exemplifies the remarkable bond we have with our clients and putting people first.

Last month Luke Austin experienced a heartbreaking loss. Luke's beloved companion, Rowan, a little dog he cherished dearly, passed away. The grief weighed heavy on Luke, impacting him both personally and professionally.

In the midst of his sorrow, Luke found solace in working on a significant project with Earth Rated, a pet care consumer goods company. However, there came a moment when his emotions overwhelmed him, and tears streamed down his face during a crucial meeting. It was a vulnerable moment.

Touched by Luke's authenticity and deeply understanding the pain he was enduring, Earth Rated, went above and beyond to extend a comforting hand. They recognized that, as an agency, we always put our clients first, and this was an opportunity where they could reciprocate.

Earth Rated commissioned an artist within their organization to create a heartfelt sketch of Rowan, capturing the essence of Luke's beloved companion. When they presented Luke with this thoughtful gift, he was profoundly moved. The act of kindness from Earth Rated demonstrated their compassion and empathy, far beyond the scope of business.

As an agency, we firmly believe that our clients are not just business partners; they are people with their own struggles and triumphs. This remarkable gesture from Earth Rated reminded us all that amidst the demands of work, there is a shared humanity that connects us. It is in these moments of genuine care and support that true bonds are formed.

Luke, overwhelmed with gratitude, shared this touching story with us, and we couldn't help but feel immense pride in the relationships we cultivate with our clients. It is a testament to the power of fostering genuine connections and the impact it can have on our lives.

This serves as a shining example of the deep connections we forge and the positive influence we can have on each other, both personally and professionally. May this story inspire us all to embrace empathy, kindness, and the spirit of putting each other first. Together, let's continue to build a community where genuine connections flourish, and where acts of compassion and support become the norm.

Wishing you a week filled with gratitude and meaningful relationships with your clients, partners and colleagues.