Innovation Highlights Q2 2023

While others may talk about the importance of technology, we have brought together top talent and an ecosystem of some of the best expert technology partners in our industry. We understand the inflection point we are at, the importance of building winning platforms, and how to leverage technology to accelerate what’s possible.

1 – Emotional Media Activation:
Translating insights into brand optimal media placements has never been easier or more effective, with 20%+ lifts across attention, emotional associations, and purchase intent. Reticle™ is now available across Connected TV, YouTube, Display and Online Video.

2 – Programmatic Research:
User-friendly packaging and brand communications platforms and API-based integrations enable clients with direct access with "hands on keyboard" study initiation and deliverables in a matter of minutes. Maximizes value while significantly reducing time to value and costs up to 50%.

3 – Data Analysis Automation:
GPT-4 enabled chat bots producing client-ready deliverables from raw data files with full data visualization and NLP-based conclusions and real-time access to query any follow up questions..

4 – Shelf Real-O-Grams:
Frictionless virtualization of any retail environment with high fidelity and 10x faster production times.

5 – Brand Operating System:
First to the world always-on, shopper-based, on-demand category and brand measurement platform that integrates insights across omni-channel touch points.