COVID Hangover. The Top 5 Marketing Questions in a Post-Pandemic World.

The future of strategy, marketing, and innovation is changing daily.

I have started recruiting top marketing and insight leaders from a variety of organizations for an upcoming session, COVID Hangover Think Tank, to help them partner on solving some very complex marketing challenges over the coming years.

Below you'll find the top 5 strategic marketing questions I have been hearing in speaking with the participants of this upcoming think tank.

If you would like to learn more about ways of exploring these questions using cutting-edge behavioral science tools or are interested in participating in the COVID Hangover Think Tank, please let me know.

Top 5 Strategic Marketing Questions CMOs are Facing

1. Brand Strategy and Category Drivers & Barriers: What are the new category drivers and barriers in my category and how should I reset my brand strategy? I need to measure consumer conscious beliefs, non-conscious associations and emotions to understand drivers and barriers of choice relative to my direct and indirect competitors.

2. Agile Innovation: In a quickly changing world, how can I reduce the time to market of my innovation? I need to rapidly and cost-effectively screen names, concepts, packaging, and claims using agile psychometrics to go beyond simple claimed responses.

3. Tracking Brand Purpose through Brand Operating Systems: How do I replace my outdated brand and communications tracker that is very expensive and has not been as actionable as I would like? I would like to build a customized Brand Operating System that measures consumer conscious beliefs, non-conscious associations and emotions across every single brand touchpoint for my brand. It also has to align my creative, design, and innovation agencies to deliver outputs that build a coherent and distinctive brand, while being effective with my spend in this new world.

4.Shopper Insights and Always-On Shopper Ecosystems: How do I keep a pulse of how shopper perceptions, emotions, and behaviors are changing in an agile way? How can I provide my cross-functional teams with agile insight into assortment changes, price-pack architecture, innovation launches, and packaging renovations? I'd like to create a "sandbox" or "playground" where we can use virtual environments to rapidly test hypotheses and a variety of variables across different key retailers, both in-store and online. Ideally, I could provide guidance without my team to go into a single physical store.

5. Efficient Marketing Spend & Contextual Emotional Media Targeting: How can I win share in a hyper-competitive environment by being wiser with my media investments? Ideally I would have access to a proprietary range of emotional data segments to better align my brand strategy & creative messaging with contextually consistent media placements. I would be able to use artificial intelligence to translate concept, ad, or pack testing into digital media targeting packages.

If any of these challenges or needs are top of mind for you, I would be happy to show you some interesting new frameworks you might want to learn about.

Also, stay tuned for additional insights from the upcoming COVID Hangover Think Tank.

If you would like to participate or receive the outputs from this work, please let me know.

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Jonathan La Greca

SVP Growth