Hotspex & Bell Let’s Talk Day

Mental health matters now more than ever and Hotspex is committed to the cause.

To this end, we have made a corporate pledge:

“Hotspex is committed to providing a supportive, stigma-free mental health environment.”

Why are we making a pledge for mental health?

~ 1 in 5 Canadians suffers from mental health issues every year. This would be 16 Hotspex employees.

~ The health and wellness of our employees is fundamental to our business. Our success resides in our people.

~ We owe it to our people, the heartbeat of our organization, to provide them tools and resources so that they can be their best every day: help maintain good mental health and manage through difficult challenges and crises should they arise.

~ Providing licensed and flexible counselling with a BetterHelp subscription for all our staff. We are also encouraging staff to check in with their family and friends and extend subscriptions to those who wish to speak to a professional.

A mental health pledge requires action – here is how we are bringing it to life throughout our organization.

~ Continuing our commitment to holistic wellness, including our Employee Wellness Fund, monthly virtual activities such as yoga & a commitment to continue our many social activities, even with the challenges of virtual-only, so that we can continue to engage with our team and nurture our culture.

~ Partnering with valued advisor Prompta Consulting to help understand what we don’t know and lead us in the right direction. We have held company-wide mental health workshops, 1:1 leadership training, and deep dives into diversity and inclusion. We look forward to continuing this great work with our talented group of trusted advisors, Tim Morton, Stephanie Woodworth, Nicolette Mapplebeck, and Zoe Mitchell.

~ Transparently and candidly working to reduce the stigma around seeking support. We keep mental health top-of-mind among our staff with frequent reminders to access available resources (BetterHelp, EFAP, Health Benefits), regular check-ins and anonymous pulse checks, and offering a safe space to talk about mental health.

~ Fostering a supportive and stigma-free environment that permeates our entire organization, starting with our CEO, Shane Skillen:

Neuroscience within creative development research has been a key area of interest for Esha, and as a member of our Research team, she is excited to develop her expertise further using Hotspex’s rich & diverse propriety toolset based on principles of behavioural science to equip clients with deeper consumer understanding, ultimately helping grow their businesses.

“In these times mental health is more important than ever. I’ve had my fair share of mental health struggles over the years. I’ve read a lot, had a lot of counselling and experimented with all kinds of interventions. There isn’t one quick quintessential fix.

But with time, effort, the right tools, and an understanding support system of family and friends, I’ve been able to live my best life.

This is why I believe that at Hotspex, we owe it to our people to provide them with everything we can – the right tools and support system – to enable them to not only cope but also thrive.”

Let’s all do our part to contribute to healthy mental health and if you have yet to, we urge you to start the conversation in your workplace.

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