10 Ways Our 2021 Insights Innovation Agenda Might Be Relevant To Your Brand

Thanks to our clients & partners, Hotspex has consistently been voted the #1 most innovative consumer and shopper insights firm in North America.

As you’ll see from the following list, we are committed to supporting your ability to build great brands and advance your career using innovative insights, especially during these uncertain times.

If any of these topics are of interest to you, please email us and we would be happy to share additional insights, ideas, and inspiration that might be relevant in these spaces.

10 Ways Our 2021 Insights Innovation Agenda Might Be Relevant To Your Brand

1. Grow Market Share In A Changing World With New Category Dynamics & Usage Occasions
We are using virtual behaviour observation while measuring conscious beliefs and non-conscious associations to uncover how category drivers and barriers have shifted during the current global crisis. This type of research can be applied to drive base business growth and inform innovation.

2. Improve Profit Through Agility, Time & Cost Savings When Face To Face Research Isn’t Possible
Agility is not just quick and cost-effective, it also requires smarter research design and innovative tools. We are upgrading our quick turn around tools and virtual In-Store and Ecomm Shopping Behavior Observation to help marketers make decisions when face to face research isn’t possible, is too expensive, or will take too long.

3. Uncover a Relevant Brand Purpose & Promise and Unify It Across All Touch Points
We are using leading-edge emotional and non-conscious measurement to understand underlying human motivations that help uncover brand purpose and promises that are relevant to consumers in today’s world. We help you align your agencies and marketing team and then can test any marketing touchpoint to ensure it is reinforcing the right memory structures.

4. Communicate Value During the Recession With Better Shopper and Shelving Insights
It is critical for marketers to determine what impact the post-pandemic recession will have on our categories, brands, and customers. Using best in class virtual shopping environments followed by implicit psychometric measurement, we can uncover and test hypotheses on how to better communicate value to overcome competitive and private label pressures.

5. Build Distinctive & Mentally Available Brands With Stronger Assets & Execution
Our tools, aligned with Byron Sharp’s Laws of Growth, identify what associations make your brand distinctive. Whether it is a new adcept, packaging design, claim, or brand character, our approach helps optimize and narrow down options that use your distinctive brand assets to stand out during a time when consumers are more distracted than they have ever been.

6. Innovation and Line Extensions Using A Shopper Mindset
Innovation in our new world will be tougher than ever, so we’re using virtual behavioural observation, as well as to conscious and non-conscious measurement to help you make better innovation decisions. The key is to understand how innovation will play out through in-store and ecommerce contexts in addition to uncovering new consumer need states and usage occasions.

7. Retailer Sell-In Stories – Understanding Rapidly Changing Shopper Behavior, In-Store & Online
Consumers are shopping in a more fearful and distressed state and may no longer “explore and discover” or touch your packaging. In ecomm, if you’re weren’t in their last order, you may not be in the consideration set next order. We are using scenario planning and virtual observation to uncover and test hypotheses, while also providing guidance and sell-in stories to your retailers.

8. Improving Your Working Media Dollars – Artificial Intelligence Meets Behavioral Science
We have combined emotional measurement and behavioural science with Google’s deep machine learning to improve digital advertising ROI by serving ads within contextually relevant content. As we move into a recession, this technology will be a great way to demonstrate improved efficiency of working media dollars to our client’s CMOs and CFOs.

9. Evolving Brand Health And Tracking Into Brand Operating Systems
We are evolving brand tracking into more actionable brand operating systems and train marketers and partner agencies on how to action the results more effectively. By adding implicit non-conscious measurement and fast explicit emotional measurement, we can identify negative leading indicators of brand health concern, so that you can mitigate negative sentiment sooner.

10. Grow Your Personal Brand and Advance Your Career:
A few years ago our executive team met and aligned that our purpose at Hotspex had to go beyond growing brands. Our new brand purpose is to be the most innovative and impactful brand and career builders. We also connect over 500 consumer/shopper talented insight leaders in 25 countries to one another and relevant content through our Brand Builders Community.

Which of these topics is more relevant to your brand and career in 2021?

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