Top Packaging Questions from 2020

(Use Cases for Packaging Virtual Testing)

We did an analysis of the top use cases and business questions our clients reached out to us when it comes to packaging in 2020.

Here are the top packaging related use cases where we used virtual observation of shopper behaviour at both physical and digital shelves and then explained that behaviour using implicit and explicit measurements.

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Shelf Audit: How is my packaging visual identity perform in the First-Moment-of-Truth? Is there evidence for a need for a packaging restage?
Category/Competitive Assessment: What will be the impact to my portfolio from a change within the category from a competitor? How do I manage proactively?
Innovation: How do I leverage my distinct brand assets while setting the innovation up to break out on shelf with package design?
Brand Modernization: How do I refresh my brand’s visual identity on pack without putting the base business at risk?
Global Harmonization Assessment: How will a new global packaging work impact local markets? How do we define and measure success?

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Jonathan La Greca

SVP, Growth