Promotion Announcement – Charles Roberts

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Charles Roberts to Senior Project Manager, Special Projects!

Charlie has been in the project management function for over 2 years now, transitioning from Research, and in the last year focusing on internal operations initiatives.

When thinking about what makes Charlie stand out, these are a few of the key areas: 1. He has a strategic mindset, and takes on every challenge we throw at him with a well rounded mindset in his approach. He shows an understanding of the business needs, people needs and client needs as he works through a problem. He shows an ability to think outside the box and bring new ideas to the table. 2. He has the ability to jump between multiple initiatives of large variation and plays a key role in many of the large initiatives in the organization including Labs, BOS, Automation OKRs, helping with costing projects. And lastly, 3. He has true leadership qualities that we are excited to continue growing with him!

Congratulations on a well deserved promotion Charlie!

Tags: Team Growth