Promotion Announcement – Alex Champ

At Hotspex, we believe in growing our people and it’s one of our main principles. We love seeing people learn, grow and develop in their careers and these people represent the best of our values: They have given a sh!t, been inclusive, had their coworkers’ backs, said yes before no, and have proven that they have guts, in addition to delivering amazing quality work day in, day out. Congratulations all on your hard-earned achievements:

We are excited to announce Alex Champ’s promotion to Associate Director!

Alex joined Hotspex as a Research Analyst in 2019, quickly proving himself to be a passionate, skilled, and dedicated member of the research team.

Alex has played a key role in strategic accounts, always striving to deliver high-quality insights to our clients. Alex continuously demonstrates his coaching abilities, mentoring and provide guidance to our junior staff.

On top of the excellent work Alex provides our clients, he takes a keen interest in making Hotspex “the place to work”, helping to streamline and improve internal processes.

Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion! We are excited to see you continue to grow in your new role.

Tags: Team Growth