Promotion Announcement – Kayla Coulter

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Kayla Coulter to Project Manager!

Kayla joined us 9 months ago as a summer intern and we quickly saw her amazing potential. In the first month, she was already sharing ideas of ways we could work more efficiently and never shied away from any task we threw at her. Quickly she was able to run her own projects with ease and grace, while also taking on additional challenges outside of the day-to-day work. We knew we had an amazing person on our team when people frequently reach out just to tell us how impressed they were with her. She has been described as a “Rockstar”, “resilient, calm, cool and collected” and as having an “impressive work ethic”.

We couldn’t be prouder to promote Kayla to Project Manager. She truly brings our values to life and we are excited to continue to see her career grow with Hotspex! Congratulations Kayla!

Tags: Team Growth