Promotion Announcement – Lauren Foster

At Hotspex, we believe in growing our people and it’s one of our main principles. We love seeing people learn, grow and develop in their careers and these people represent the best of our values: They have given a sh!t, been inclusive, had their coworkers’ backs, said yes before no, and have proven that they have guts, in addition to delivering amazing quality work day in, day out. Congratulations all on your hard-earned achievements:

We are truly thrilled to announce Lauren Foster’s promotion to Associate Vice President!

Lauren joined Hotspex as an Associate Director in November 2013, and has been promoted to Research Director, and then Senior Research Director over the years as she proved her work and leadership invaluable on many of key accounts.

When asked about Lauren, her Manager John McGarr had this to say: “Lauren has unmatched commitment and work ethic. Lauren has been praised across the company for her calm, cool and collected manner in the face of high-pressure projects and tight timelines.

I have come to understand that her warm laugh signals her steely determination to tackle the toughest job with grace and confidence. She gives a shit, has everyone’s back and has earned the respect of her clients with her hard work. I count myself lucky to work with her every day and to support the next chapter of her career.”

Please join us in congratulating Lauren on her hard-earned achievement!

Tags: Team Growth