Promotion Announcement – Lyda Forero

Hotspex is excited to announce the promotion of Lyda Forero to Senior Vice President of Research.

Lyda joined Hotspex in 2011 as a senior analyst and has developed her career at the firm working across diverse customer portfolios and lines of business. Applying her psychology academic training, Lyda quickly progressed from analyst to director to Vice President working with clients and brands ranging CPG, retail, automotive, non-for-profit, and apparel. Since taking on the account management role of Hotspex’s largest global CPG’s customer, Lyda has played a pivotal role in growing the business by 300% and transforming the partnership via joint business planning and innovation.

CCO Gera Nevolovich had this to say:

“Lyda’s journey is the model for the ideal trajectory that we envision for our talent. And it’s no surprise that the story of Lyda’s journey is linked to the growth of the most valuable business partnership at the company. I’m very proud of Lyda and her team.”

About her new role, Lyda says “I’m honoured about this recognition and very excited about the opportunity to keep evolving on my role and keep contributing more to Hotspex growth as part of its strategic leadership team.

We are honoured to have Lyda’s unwavering commitment to our team and continue to look forward to her future endeavours and contributions! Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion Lyda!

Tags: Team Growth