Promotion Announcement – Meagan Turcot

At Hotspex, we believe in growing our people and it’s one of our main principles. We love seeing people learn, grow and develop in their careers and these people represent the best of our values: They have given a sh!t, been inclusive, had their coworkers’ backs, said yes before no, and have proven that they have guts, in addition to delivering amazing quality work day in, day out. Congratulations all on your hard-earned achievements:

Hotspex is very excited to announce Meagan Turcot’s promotion to the Accountant position.

Meagan has been an excellent addition to the Finance team. She only joined us several months ago in what was her first full-time finance role and has maximized every opportunity she’s come across since then. When Meagan started with us back in January 2020, we welcomed her with open arms by involving her in a complex annual review with our external auditors. She didn’t blink an eye by successfully taking on multiple tasks and proving to be an excellent teammate.

In the past several months, Meagan has demonstrated her great potential and intelligence by helping us navigate the challenges posed by COVID, seamlessly managing accounts payable, keeping an eye on cash flows, running our weekly financial metrics, designing a new expense management infrastructure, reviewing agreements and much more. She has come up the learning curve in a record amount of time and expanded both the width and depth of her role on the team.

We are very pleased to recognize Meagan’s efforts by promoting her to the next level. We also cannot wait to see what else Meagan brings to the team in the future. Congratulations!

Tags: Team Growth