Promotion Announcement – Miho Sasaki

We are excited to announce Miho Sasaki’s promotion to Associate Director!

Miho joined Hotspex in 2017 as a Senior Analyst and has developed her career in research. Miho was previously a strategic planner for 4A Advertising Agencies serving global brands to establish a foothold in Japan, Hong Kong and Mainland China markets. She continues to use her advertising experience across diverse customer portfolios to build insightful research.

Miho has taken on the lead role on a number of CPG projects in recent months and on one project in particular the client raved about her leadership and that the learnings and great insights she provided about the brand mascot’s character, learnings they would be able to carry across all their brands. Miho is incredibly organized, thoughtful, a great team player, and such a pleasure to work with.

We are thrilled to continue to watch her grow in her market research career! Congratulations on a well-deserved promotion Miho!

Tags: Team Growth