Promotion Announcement – Patrick Byck

At Hotspex, we believe in growing our people and it’s one of our main principles. We love seeing people learn, grow and develop in their careers and these people represent the best of our values: They have given a sh!t, been inclusive, had their coworkers’ backs, said yes before no, and have proven that they have guts, in addition to delivering amazing quality work day in, day out. Congratulations all on your hard-earned achievements:

Patrick joined Hotspex in September 2019 with 15 years of experience in experience working at and with leading research companies. He is PMP certified and has managed Project Management teams in the past which has allowed Patrick to come in and learn the role quickly, add value along the way and take on new responsibilities.

Patrick has stepped up and into this role of managing cost and our vendors and has taken the lead on negotiations and managing expectations with them. He has demonstrated leadership among the team and in a short period of time built a trusted relationship with our vendors and partners. Patrick not only worries about hard costs but also looks at ways of improving processes internally including the development of our internal software and updating our approaches to managing multi-faceted research projects.

Patrick has also helped with training and onboarding new team members as we hire has become the go-to support for anything Project Management related.

We are excited to promote Patrick to Manager, Vendor and Cost Management. Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion!

Tags: Team Growth