Promotion Announcement – Sumiran Satyal

At Hotspex, we believe in growing our people and it’s one of our main principles. We love seeing people learn, grow and develop in their careers and these people represent the best of our values: They have given a sh!t, been inclusive, had their coworkers’ backs, said yes before no, and have proven that they have guts, in addition to delivering amazing quality work day in, day out. Congratulations all on your hard-earned achievements:

We are happy to announce the promotion of Sumiran to Senior Research Analyst. Sumiran joined Hotspex in July 2019. He completed the graduate program in Marketing Research (MMR) program from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and has previous experience in Brand Tracking and shop-alongs for a boutique brand consultancy in Columbus, Ohio.

Sumiran has a great attitude (#YesBeforeNo, #GiveAShit), he is always eager to learn and improve. People who have worked with him find him dependable, proactive and a great team player (#GotYourBack)!

Sumiran worked on a variety of projects from ad tests, to trackers, and package and shelf tests and has great attention to detail, asks the right questions to ensure he understands the task at hand and questions if something does not look right. He shows a sincere desire to learn new approaches and skills.

Sumiran, we really appreciate your hard work and dedication. Congratulations on your promotion!

Tags: Team Growth