Prathiba Rangavajulla joins the Hotspex team!

We're excited to welcome Prathiba to the Hotspex UK team.

With her passion for unravelling the mysteries behind human behaviour, she has embarked on an incredible journey across India to Singapore, Indonesia, and now the United Kingdom. Her expertise extends across diverse domains, including advertising, marketing, digital/social media planning, and consumer neuroscience.

Prathiba believes in the synergy between academic knowledge and hands-on experience, boasting three master's degrees and an eight-year professional track record. Outside of her academic and work pursuits, she enjoys reading, travelling, and listening to different genres of music. Being from India, her luxury in London is enjoying a book in the garden on a pleasant, sunny afternoon.

In her role as Research Manager, she will be central in directing projects, supporting growth strategy and fulfilling her client's specific objectives.

Let's all give a warm welcome to Prathiba!

Tags: Team Growth