Joanne Davies Joins The Team As Associate Director!

We are excited to welcome Joanne Davies to the Hotspex team as Associate Director!

As a lifelong researcher, Joanne has dedicated years to understanding and applying research methodologies and techniques to help brands better understand opportunities and the role they play in the life of the customer. Through all of her experiences, one common thread has emerged; in order for projects to be successful everyone in the process works better if they understand the goal of the work and the audience it will serve. Joanne is always striving to learn more, share openly, grow with her clients and her team, and have fun along the way!

At Hotspex, Joanne will continue to develop her strong career using our rich and diverse toolset of proprietary IP and methodologies. Joanne will contribute to helping the Hotspex team do what we do best: solve our client’s business questions using our cutting edge understanding of consumer behaviour.

Welcome to the team, Joanne!

Tags: Team Growth