Adam Palanica joins the Hotspex team as Senior Research Director!

We are elated to welcome Adam Palanica as a Senior Research Director!

Adam is a Senior Research Director with academic training and extensive research experience in all forms of scientific investigation. He has a passionate interest in designing and executing human factors studies and has utilized his expertise to advance research and commercial applications for market research.

Adam holds a PhD in Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience Psychology from the University of Waterloo, and brings new insights and research methodologies to obtain relevant understanding of how people think and behave. He demonstrates creativity and flexibility in applying technical knowledge and evidence-based practice to real-life problems to generate solutions for all forms of clientele. Adam is well-versed in managing research projects across a variety of personnel and domains to develop, analyze, interpret, and communicate scientific findings through numerous peer-reviewed journals and commercial white paper publications.

At his new role, he aims to innovate new forms of methodologies and protocols relative to design, application, and marketing of market research projects, and to provide and expert behavioural science perspective to benefit our clients and consumers alike.

Tags: Team Growth