Patrick O’Kell Joins The Team As Research Director!

We are thrilled to welcome Patrick O’Kell to the Hotspex team as Research Director!

Patrick brings his passion for understanding the world around us to Hotspex. Leveraging his background in cognitive science he has enjoyed getting close to consumers and how they think, how they make decisions and why they buy what they buy. Having worked 10+ years at Sklar Wilton & Associates he has had plenty of experience applying his passion to understanding consumers and helping to translate that understanding to drive business results.

In his role as a strategic insights consultant Patrick has enjoyed getting to know many categories and industries ranging from beer to apple pie, from telecoms to grocery & retail, from children’s toys to motor oil. Working closely with his clients as a partner, Patrick is most proud of his work creating a successful long term innovation pipeline, establishing an organization wide customer first mindset, building portfolio strategies that unify brands across borders and renew established brands to reconnect with their consumers.

It has been an exciting journey so far and Patrick is eager for the next challenges and opportunities at Hotspex. Welcome to the team!

Tags: Team Growth